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Discharge Printing

Discharge ink is a waterbased ink made for printing directly onto dark garments. It literally removes the dye from the shirt and replaces it with the desired color in one fell swoop. This is the way to achieve a soft print on dark garments. Unfortunately there are a few restrictions. For one, the shirts must be 100% cotton. Some colors won’t discharge properly and should be avoided (royal blue, purple, teal, kelly green). It is essential to use shirts with reactive dyes, and ringspun cotton works the best. Additionally, Pantone matching is not possible with discharge ink, as the color of the shirt can affect the final color of the print. If you'd like to have your design printed with discharge ink, get in touch and we can help you find the right garment to print it on.

  • Minimum order - 25 pieces
  • All orders - $25 ink mixing fee per color

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Just wanted to say I saw the shirts and they look fantastic. Thanks again for everything -- I will be sure to refer you guys to friends in the future.

-Dan Waldkirch